Sports Performace

What makes Champion Fitness better than the rest? Unlike most sports performance companies, we don’t just specialize in one sport, nor do we just put down cones, ladders, hurdles, etc. and do some fancy looking drills. Our drills, techniques, equipment, and training methodology has MEANING and PURPOSE. WE TRAIN THE MOVEMENTS AND DEMANDS OF YOUR SPORT.

Combine 360

This optional test evaluates the athlete’s strengths, weaknesses, and deficiencies, thereby allowing our specialists to customize a plan to train up weaknesses and deficiencies of the athlete, and improve strengths. This test is done every six weeks to track and report progress. The first test is charged as an evaluation and the following tests are no charge.

Pricing Plan


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Boot Camp
Boot Camp
Standard 6 sessions
3 months 36 sessions
6 months 72 sessions
1 year 144 sessions